We Are St Barts Specialists

32+ Years On-Island Experience

250+ Villas To Choose From

14 Island Hotels

We Make Every Minute Count

Choose From

1,2,3,4 or 5 Bedrooms

On The Beach or Near By

Pool, Spa, Jacuzzi and/or Gym

You Choose.. We Can Handel It!

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St Barts Villas

Choose from over 250 magnificent villas with confidence. We have 32+ years of “On-Island” experience.

What makes us different? We have personally visited every hotel, every beach & 100’s of villas 1st hand. Need advice of where to eat or shop? We have that covered as well.

We truly are the specialists in every sense of the word.

Amidst the picturesque location of St. Barth / St. Barts,  your stay at this magnificent island becomes a memorable experience. Spend your winter or summer vacation on the beach in a luxury Hotel or Villa that matches your budget with all the modern amenities and courteous services.

St Barts Hotels

The staff at the Hotels provide a welcoming smile to greet every guest.
There are unique beachfront cottages, exclusive villas,  intimate small hotels, and grand stylish 5 star resorts.

All Our hotel booking services range from budget, mid-level, upscale and expensive – From 2 star to 5 star matching your preferences.

We take care of everything from a hotel with a spa and fitness center to one with just the basic essentials for a great unforgettable vacation experience. We make it a reality.

Beaches, Shops & Restaurants

How often are you speechless? As you step onto the sand and take in the vistas, you can’t believe what you are seeing; it’s perfect and it’s amazing.

What impresses us most is how clean St Barts is. The water is clear turquoise, the sand bright white. Beaches are never crowded. Except for the sounds of the ocean, they are always quiet.

The beaches are fabulous. St. Barth is truly an island where dreams come true

There are far too many great restaurants in St. Barts & never enough time to visit them all. Plan wisely, this will be a memorable experience. Check out our personal favorites  – on our where to dine page

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