St. Barts Shopping

We Make Every Minute Count

The #2 sport on St. Barts! (If you’re asking… Dining is #1)Here are some of our favorite shops in St Barts.
Worth a look- see… Browse, Shop and let them SHIP!

” 4 Shells Awards”

Diamond GenesisGustavia “The” place to shop for limited edition designs by Dominique. Breitling, TAG, Patek Phillipe watches & 18K gold are my favorites at this long established store on the main street in Gustavia.
Laurent EffelGustavia Fabulous custom made for Effel; Men & Women’s shoes, bags, belts, linen shirts, shorts, dresses, & much more. Fun colors. Anna &Erick& a wonderful staff welcome you. Locationed in Gustavia.
Ligne St Barth The most amazing sun products. I have never burned or peeled. Feature Racou Oil is made on the island & sold in better stores. Mint after shave & vanilla body cream – yummy.
Pati St BarthGustavia, The original St Barths “gotta have design”. T shirts, hats, towels, bags. 2 stores in Gustavia, 1 in St Jean.

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